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Abstract 9-22-06

This is an ACEO (Art Card, Edition or Original) size (3. 5"x2. 5", the approximate size of a standard baseball card) piece I did just for giggles on Bristol Vellum. I was feeling somewhat abstract and arty and wanted to do a couple of new ACEOs to add to the selection. I had a bunch of paint left over from making the "Firebird" ACEO and decided not to let it go to waste.

     I got an interesting finger painted effect here. I slathered layers and patches of bright color on with my fingers, then added the black smeared on top. I then took my nails and scraped down to the stains on the vellum of the original bright colors. Once I did that, I used a brush to add some purely black lines for definition. It sort of looks like a head with long hair when you look at it this way, but it wasn't intended to really look like anything. I was just goofing around. LOL


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