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Sites & Others With Permission for Use/Display of My Art

Note that my memory is AWFUL and I may have other gallery pages I've long forgotten because I've had many in an effort to market and get traffic. If you find my stuff somewhere not listed here, please point it out so I can either add it to the list or deal with the art thief as the case dictates. ;-) Generally speaking, finding my images outside of my own profiles on particular sites is indicative of theft. Of course, all of the sites listed in my Products page have permission to have my work up there.

  • 3D Rose LLC- I have signed a licensing agreement with this company, so you will find a lot of references to my work on a variety of items all over the place from Amazon to Sears to EBay. As long as you see they are being offered by 3D Rose LLC, there is no reason to report these to me. They are legitimate and most links will shoot you to their products on

  • I have an account located here. Any other users displaying my work should be reported.

  • I'm listed as JBonnette there. If you see my work under any other username, please report it.

  • Council of Magickal Arts- I have been a member and I have donated use of certain images to this charity for a calendar to raise money for their land fund as well as done some design work for them.

  • Deviant Art- My username here is JolieBonnetteArt. My images under other usernames are likely stolen. I do sell some prints here.

  • E-Bay- I have ONE ID on E-Bay. It is Aazari. NO ONE else is authorized at this time to offer my images as patterns of any sort or on any type of CD/DVD collection of images or any other merchandise. If you find my work on such items under other IDs, please report it. The one exception here is 3DRose LLC. They sell my products legally on EBay. There are also some post card dealers who are reselling items they buy from my Zazzle. They're fine.

  • I have both a personal page under the username jolie.bonnette and a more businesslike page under Jolie E. Bonnette. If you see my work anywhere else on Facebook, please report it. I have given NO permissions for my images to be used in apps, badges or anything else on the site.

  • I have a gallery listed under Jolie Bonnette on this site.

  • Flickr- I have one account there where I post my works. It's here.

  • I have a gallery here under username Aazari.

  • I cancelled my account here. I have given NO permissions for my images to be used as backgrounds, in apps or for other purposes on the site. If you see my art being used for such things, please report it.

  • My account here has been cancelled. Please report it to me if you see my images hosted from this site.

  • My images should be posted only under my own aazaricantharess ID. I do have a merchant shop there, also, where I sell textures and things, though I don't use it often as getting things to pass inspection is a pain in the rear. Mostly I post links to freebies I'm offering.

  • Another venue where I offer my freebies for folks to save wear and tear on my bandwidth here. My username on this site is Aazari.

  • Tumblr- I rarely use this anymore since the site seems to have been overrun with porn and illegal escorts.

  • Twitter- The art account  is @JBonnetteArt.

  • Yahoo- I generally only use Yahoo for email. If art is posted anywhere through Yahoo, it would be under one of these two IDs: or .  Any other username hawking wares with my images or claiming them as their own are suspect.

  •  My work is featured both in my personal gallery and market place under username Aazari. Please report any other username featuring my images.

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