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What I link here are generally services I use or have used, projects of friends, artists whose work I like,  charities I think are worthy of attention and, on rare occasions, things I just think are cool enough to share. In general, I DO NOT PUT UP LINKS FOR COMMERCIAL SITES WHO ASK FOR THEM SO PLEASE DON'T SPAM ME TO ASK FOR THAT!!! . If you want to advertise  your commercial site here, you need to go through Project Wonderful to do that and meet my criteria for advertising! I like the sites here to be things I'm familiar with. I will consider links to artists who ask if I like their work. I'm picky like that. While link backs are appreciated, I don't require them for having your link here. Please note, that I am in no way responsible for any adult content which may be on the linked sites.

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Center for Hearing & Speech
Being partially deafened by continuous ear infections as a child, I can definitely support an organization which helps teach deaf children to speak and helps them to get procedures such as cochlear implants to let them hear!
Homeless & Orphaned Pet Endeavor
      Houston Pagan Pride Day has supported this wonderful homeless pet shelter for several years now. They are among the best no-kill shelters in Houston! Awesome, awesome people the Pagan Pride volunteers love for their dedication.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
     You've seen them on Animal Planet's "Whale Wars".  Now you can support these sea-faring warriors in their battles against whaling and the slaughter and destruction of other sea life. Donate, purchase merchandise, apply for a Visa card which gives part of your purchases back to the organization or take a more active role! You can also subscribe to their newsletter to stay informed about Sea Shepherd activities.
True Blue Animal Rescue
     You saw them on Extreme Home Makeover, now you can help support the good work they do! Though EHM revitalized their shelter, the support needs to continue as the feeding and care of all of those animals is ongoing. Texans, show your love for these wonderful folks who help our furry friends!
Villalobos Rescue Center
I have great respect for Tia Maria Torres and the sacrifices she makes to run the nation's largest pit bull rescue. And she helps parolees who want to help themselves by turning their lives around as well.

Artist & Retail Resources & Supplies

3D Laser Gifts
I include this pretty much because I'd love to see some of my art on these. :-)

The 3D Studio
3D and 2D resources for artists: models, textures, stock photos, etc.

Cybia Digital Resource Studio
Awesome array of plug-ins, brushes, textures and add-ons for Paint Shop Pro, Photo Shop, Bryce, Poser and more!
Deposit Photos
Royalty free photos, vectors and illustrations.
High quality stock photos for reference and clip-art. Fee for downloads of images, but well worth it for the quality! I use this one on occasion for backgrounds and other bits.
Morgue File
Royalty free photos for reference and commercial use. Absolutely free! Among my top choices for sources of reference.
Stock Xchange
Free stock photos.


Agnes Olson
Fantasy & mythology art.
A. K. (Genevra) Brown
Fantasy art
Alain Viesca
Fantasy, pin-up & illustration
Amarilli A.
Fantasy, illustration & portraits
Amy Pronovost
Cute art & illustration
Andy Hopp
Unique illustrative fantasy
Anneth Legamo
April Lee
Fantasy art & illustration
Ashen Gray
Fantasy & dark
Avi Katz

Becky Kemp
Wildlife & fantasy
Brandy Stark
Metal, found item, mixed media
Brian Froud
Fantasy illustration & design

Cat Osborne
Art cards, animal & fantasy
Charlene Maguire
Mixed media & fantasy
Chris Achilleos
Fantasy & illustration
Christy Nicholas
Bead art, fantasy & photography

David Delamare
Fantasy & illustration
David Gough
Donna "Daio" Waltz
Digital fantasy

Eric Wadley
Digital fantasy & dark/macabre
Forest Rogers
Fantasy sculpture & art dolls
Frank Wu
Hugo Award winning fantasy/sci-fi

Helena Domenic
Fantasy & Pagan themes
Heather V. Kreiter
Fantasy, cute macabre & spiritual

Jade Falcon
James Russell
Futuristic illustration
Jennifer Miller
Fantasy, wildlife, photography, jewelry
Jessica Douglas
Joel Adams
John Justice
John L. Sies
Illustration & fractals
Judith Rauchfuss
Masks & fantasy

Kammy Gaffney
Kate Dawidziak
Kathleen Hardy
Fantasy & sculpture
Cafe Press Store | Elfwood Gallery
Kinuko Y. Craft
Kurt Jacobson
Wildlife & Fantasy
Lar DeSouza
Laura Reynolds
Fantasy Art & Sculpture
Marlene Llanes
Surreal & fine
Paul Ewing
Pagan, Celt & fantasy theme jewelry

Reylia A. Slaby
Rocky Kelly
Fine art & Fantasy
Selina Fenech
Fantasy & Pagan
Stephen Hickman
Sci-fi/fantasy illustration
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Fantasy & jewelry
Theresa Mather
Ursula Vernon
Fantasy, cute, oddball, anthropomorphic

Gallery Sites & Sales Venues
Art Zone
     Daz 3D's art gallery/community site. Growing daily and presenting feature chats and other cool events!
Cafe Press
Another site with tons to offer. Their designer tool isn't as feature rich and is a little clunky, but still cuts your production time. Major downside: not as much control over pricing. Their marketplace pricing (what most people see) can be high enough to drive customers away at times or skewed to only give you a penny (or nothing)  in some cases
Companion Tees
Submit your Doctor Who themed tee designs here for limited time sales.
Design By Humans
Sell your art on tees and other products.
.Deviant Art
As long as you're careful not to put your art up unmarked so it won't get swiped and pay close attention to the VALUE they're putting on your art when they have a contest, DA can be a fairly nice place to hang out with other artists and sell art stuff if you wish.
     Gallery site specifically for fantasy and sci-fi art. Open to amateurs.
Submit your pop culture tee designs here for limited time sales.
     Growing gallery/community site specifically for artists who create sci-fi, fantasy and horror art.
Fine Art America
Another "fine art" site seasoned with genre art. This one gets a lot of international traffic from what I've seen.
Found Myself
Primarily a "fine arts" community, but generously seasoned with fantasy and sci-fi artists. Tends to be less clogged with the childish drama that can go on with gallery sites
Fresh Brewed Tee
Another pop culture tee site where you can submit your designs for limited time sales. This one has the added bonus of extended Plus and Tall sizes which a lot of them don't.
Neato Shop
A variety of  neat and nerdy shirts and other merchandise. You have to apply and be accepted in order to sell on this site.
 Once Upon A Tee
Yet another resource for getting your pop culture designs published for limited time tee sales.
Other Tees
Another pop culture timed tee site where you can submit your designs. This one works on a popular vote system, so it's better suited to artists who have a very large and supportive fan base where the majority of them will vote for your designs. New designers without that supportive fan base usually won't do so well.
Pop Up Tee
Another pop culture oriented timed tee sale site where you can submit designs.
Project Wonderful
Great advertising resource for artists & small businesses. Bidding on ad space on a diverse selection of sites often allows you to advertise for free on sites which have an audience overlap with your subject matter. Offering good ad space on your site generally will pay for monthly advertising campaigns if you have  steady traffic.
A more fine art/true designer oriented merchandise site minus all of the people rehashing the works of old masters, internet memes and lousy clip art. Limited scope of merchandise, but adding work is super fast and there s a nice artist cmmunity at work on the site.
Ript Apparel
Pop culture oriented site which does limited time sales on tees and other merchandise. You can submit your designs.
     A great source for digital artists as well as traditional artists and writers. Great freebies and great forums. Contests and events galore!
Saatchi Gallery
     Gallery site based in Europe.
Submit your designs for limited edition t-shirt sales!
A lesser known merchandise site. The competition isn't quite as huge here. They also have some really cool things other sites don't offer, like metallic, fuzzy and fluorescent print media. Their shop building system does leave a lot to be desired, though. It is not feature rich at all.
Sun Frog Shirts
A very simple shirt selling platform if you want something easy to maintain and manage.

Tee Fury
Submit your pop culture designs for limited edition t-shirt sales! This is one of the most popular limited sale tee sites out there.

One of the  friendliest sites toward pop culture designs on the net where designers have full control of their shops. They have a 3-day sale to celebrate the addition of new designs to the site. I've made more money in shorter time on TeePublic than any other site and highly recommend them to indie designers! They do lots of promotions and really get your designs out there. I've ordered shirts from them and the quality is pretty good as well.
Tee Villain
Another pop culture oriented timed tee sale site where you can submit your designs. This one also takes the occasional  non-pop culture artistic tee if it's creepy, dark  or horror oriented
Another timed tee site where indie designers can submit their pop culture themed designs for limited edition tee sales.
. Zazzle
Massive amounts of products from t-shirts to tea pots and everything in between. Their feature rich product designer means you can make a few versions of your image and design to your heart's content with little fuss. Excellent marketing by Zazzle  to lighten your load, too.

Arigon Starr deFY Dreamtrybe Flying Fish Sailors
Hadrian's Wall Liviya Compean Rogues of Scotland Spoonfed Tribe
A Tribe Called Red


Cornelia P. Amri

Robert Christiansen
Amazon | Writing Blog

Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Adam Sigrist

Girl Genius Goblins Looking For Group Wait...What?

Baubles & Blessings
Handmade Pagan themed jewelry.
Charmingly Tiny
Adorable tiny polymer items!
Kokoba Etsy | Kokoba Zibbet
Math, science and geeky jewelry.

Fun Stuff!
Busted Tees
A plethora of fun pop culture tees.
Buy Cool Shirts
A collection of pop culture and other tees and items.
Crazy Dog T-Shirts
A collection of funny, off-beat and irreverent tees.
Five Finger Tees
Pop culture, nerd and humor tees.
An excellent snack subscription service with delicious, nutritious goodies to fuel your creativity. I love this service! I've been really impressed with the quality and flavor of everything I've gotten from them so far and I'm a fairly picky snacker.
My Party Shirt
More than just shirts! They've got a nice selection of pop culture items which is constantly evolving.
Nerd Block
Billed as your monthly Comic Con in a box, this subscription service sends you a box of nerdy goodies including a tee and collectibles. You can also get arcade, horror or kid-friendly blocks.
Raw Spice Bar
Like to cook with exoctic spices? Then this subscription service is for you!
$6 Shirts
Yep, you read that right. It's $6 shirts with nerdy, cool, crass and crazy things on them.
Fun tee designs by Michael Holmes
Wizard 101
A family oriented and entertaining fantasy game. Come join me in the magic!

Darn Good Yarn

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