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     I would like to humbly thank the following people for believing in me and my talent.  I appreciate you!

  • Windfire WordWeaver- My best friend and best patron. This wonderful lady sends a monthly stipend to help pay for my supplies and panel fees for the various shows I do. She also sends me the occasional care package with goodies in it to help keep me somewhat sane and functional. Right now she is THE #1 collector of my works and her house is starting to look like the Bonnette Museum. LOL!

  • Brooks Sutton- He helped me get my first Wacom Tablet so my art on the computer could evolve.

  • My Friends In CMA and FRED Nest- You guys always get onto me for doubting myself. I appreciate it even though it's sometimes annoying. LOL You also actually buy my stuff when I vend. I love you all for that.

Become a Patron!

    A long time ago, people who had the money and enjoyed the arts would take an artist under their wing and provide for all of their needs so that they could have more time to create. I hardly expect that in this modern world, but any help getting the items I need to continue to create as my ability to do other things diminishes with my rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disorder is greatly appreciated. And what do you get for it? Well, honestly, I can't promise anything. You may get discounts if you like particular images and have let me know it. Or you may get little prezzies for your birthday or a special wallpaper for your computer or who knows what else I may feel froggy and do when I have time. ;-) The one thing I can promise is your name will be listed here. If you do not wish to be identified or would like to use a pseudonym, please let me know. Right now, since I've  now been unemployed for so long and my health is wavering so much, patronage is more important than ever.

Right now I have only art income and I have TWO damaged hard drives now which are holding about five years worth of marketable art files hostage. They require professional data recovery in a clean room. I've gotten estmates and they range from $2000 to $3000 for the two of them to be recovered and stored onto a new drive. It is critical I get these two drives recovered or a good deal of very popular art will never make it into production.

     So, if you want to become an artist's patron, it's pretty easy. Just do one of the following or combination of the things below if you wish:

1. You can use the PayPal button below to send a cash donation. Cash donations will go towards keeping my site online and whatever other expenses I may have at the time You can do a small amount monthly or a one-time deal. Either way, cash is the most flexible patronage as it allows me to use it where it is most needed, whether that be buying more time on my web hosting or upgrading the programs I most commonly use or buying supplements and vitamins I need to keep me functio.

2. Purchase something off of my wishlist  or my Renderosity wish list for me or buy me gift certificates for those sites.

3. Gift certificates for are ALWAYS welcome! I buy a majority of my 3D resources here. I can't link you to a wish list there because, for some silly reason, you can't make them public on there. I have, however managed to add a few items to my Amazon wish list with their nifty new tool bar application. I may eventually get time to add the other items.

4. You can also check out my wishlist at There are sometimes art or music related items there. Or you can supply me with a creature comfort from that list to help keep me motivated.

5. Wal-Mart gift cards. I use these for buying meds the public health folks don't cover, food, supplies and various things I require.

6. Stop and Shop gift cards to be delivered to Super Stop & Shop #0830 at 3208 Bridge Avenue
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742. They can be ordered online at in amounts from $10 to $100.


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