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 The patterned images in this section are created through manipulation of my own art and photography. They are then used on various items such as tiles, phone cases and jewelry to create merchandise. The other items are images created specifically for a particular piece of merchandise.

You can also find other patterns which may not be listed here yet on Amazon through my partnership with 3D Rose.

Agate Wave
Angry Alien

Autumn Ripple

Bamboozled 2

Bamboozled 3

Beaded Lace

Black & Red Diamonds

Blue Sky Tribal

Bright Shields Tribal

Bright Tribal

Bright Tribal 2


Caterpillar Crawl

Cathedral Lattice

Celestial Temple

Clown Prince

Crazy Diamonds

Crossing Shields

Dark and Lacey

Dark & Rustic

Dark Angel Tribal 1

Dark Angel Tribal 2

Dark Angel Tribal 3

Dark Weaving

Dark Weaving 2

Desert Stripe

Diamond Dogs

Dragon Eye

Drum Batik

Dusk Trybe 1

Dusk Trybe 2

Dusk Trybe 3

Fingers Of Doom

Fireball Stripe

Fire Maze Tile

Fire Zone Stripe

Flamin' Lace

Frosty Skull

Fuzzy Blanket 1

Fuzzy Blanket 2

Fuzzy Blanket 3

Fuzzy Blanket 4

Fuzzy Blanket 5

Fuzzy Blanket 6

Fyre Trybe (original)

Fyre Trybe (new)

Fyre Trbe2

Fyre Trybe 3

Golden Eye

Green Batik

Green Bubble Zen

Green Earth Batik

Green Moroccan Basket

Green Plasma Kente

Hall of Bones

Horn Ripple


Infinity Row

Jungle Stripe

La Fleur

La Fleur 2

Little Green Men

Monochrome Tribal

Moroccan Night

Mutant Dragons

Mystic Munchies

Peacock Lacy Ribbon

Peacock Passion

Pink & Purple Batik

Purple Lace

Purple Passion

Purple Shaman

Purple Waves

Radiant Ribbons

Royal Zinnia

Santa Skull

Skylight Tribal

Sleepless With Sauron

Stardust Spinner

Tiger Heart

Trippy Bells

Trippy Holly Canes

Trippy Ornaments

Trippy Shoes

Trippy Snowflakes

Trippy Wreaths

Urban Jungle

Vintage Wallpaper

Water Batik

Darn Good Yarn

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