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There are various Print-On-Demand sites where I sell my art on a wide array of products. I also occasionally list originals, supplies for trade and other such on EBay or Etsy. Please note that prints purchased from anyone other than me will not be limited edition or signed. If you want a particular image on a particular item, please do ask me about it! Some of the shops I sell through also participate in the Ebates shopping network where you can earn cash back on your purchases. They are legitimate. I use them and have gotten payments from them. :-) You can join by clicking the link below. Adding their handy plug-in to your browser will alert you when the site you're shopping participates.

Limited Edition Prints, Originals and Commissions
  I do have some back stock of LE prints for sale. Please contact me to find out if I have any of the image you want.  I don't do many commissions because, due to my health, I can no longer  promise a time of delivery. I am often only able to work a half hour or less at a time every few days. If you don't mind possibly waiting months for the work to be done, I may be able to work with you.
3D Rose
Their site's search doesn't work at all and they spread my work across a lot of categories, so as a work-around, I've made a page which lists and links to my sections on their site. Click the link above to open it.
My art is now being featured on via 3D Rose, LLC and  a few other companies I license my work to. I have also begun adding a little of my writing for the Kindle! Clicking the link above will take you to a generalized search of my name which will pretty much pull up whatever is currently available. Most thing which are available there, I also try to link on the art's page here on the site.
Artist Rising
This site offers art prints only. I will add items here as time allows or by request
Art Of Where
This is one of my newer shops. They have leggings, dresses and skirts as well as some cases, housewares and accessories. It's not a huge selection of items, but they do have some nice styles. I can also offer wholesale of items on this platform.
Cafe Press
There's the usual clothing and things plus a nice variety of more unusual things  including: curtains, shower curtains, rugs, duvet covers, pillow cases and table cloths!
Design By Humans
I got accepted to the DBH Collective and things will be added as the curators approve them. Note that I don't have a lot of control over what ends up there as the decisions on what hits the shop are entirely in the hands of the curators.
Deviant Art
I have some images available for sale here. I will add by request where it's possible.
This is a new vendor I am testing out to see how it goes. I'll add things as I have time to do so.
I have begun to  feature items from various shops here as well as posting occasional clearance items from my vending stock.
This shop is a bit different as they are mainly designs made from existing and licensed graphics and text only designs. It runs campaign style with a timed sale and minimum amount which must sell before the items print .
I've only got a small selection of test items in this one so far. There aren't any real options for organizing by section, so it's not my favorite shop format. But they do have a few items no one else has.
This site deals exclusively in art prints and framing. I'll add things there as I have time or by request.
Live Heroes
A newer platform  which offers a selection of full print items such as dresses, children's clothing,
Of all the t-shirt producers I've dealt with, they seem to have THE best quality printing. Highly recommend them if you're looking for my t-shirts or are an artist and would like to have top notch quality merchandise to sell at your booth for conventions or just a nice little free shop to sell from online. Just tell them I sent you. ;-) They have a great artist support package as well.
Print All Over Me
I love the idea of print-all-over items, so I'm building up some merchandise here.
Red Bubble
It's a bit more friendly to fannish works, so you'll find some things of that nature here as well as some patterns and things which aren't available in other shops
Another that's more friendly to fan oriented works, so there will be some here.
Sun Frog Shirts
I'm slowly adding some of my single color and limited palette designs to this site.
This is another one that's more friendly to fannish fare, so I'll load what I can here as well.
Threadless shops opened up in March 2016. So far we're able to offer a limited supply of mostly clothing. They say they will have other things eventually.
Zazzle has one of the largest assortments of items available. They carry huge lines of housewares, clothing, accessories and prints. They even have edible gifts and party favors which you can customize!
I usually only post things I'm purging from my personal space here, but there may be arty things on occasion.
The only freebies anyone other than a bonafied charity will ever get out of me are on my resources account at DeviantArt. I add things as a busy schedule permits

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