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ReRemus' "His World"


 I don't get a lot of time to just play and color these days, so I thought I would take the opportunity offered by a nice holiday weekend to take in some well deserved goofing off. So I went over to my favorite club on Sheezy, The Coloring Book, and looked at some of the more recent things over there. I found this lovely piece by ReRemus over on Sheezy Art. I was not originally a fan of Heroes when I colored this because I couldn't get the channel it was on. However, I managed to watch most of the series online and finally had cable where I was living so I could see the rest. I quickly became a fan of villainous Sylar. I used a reference photo from the show to get his look right.  Since I only did the coloring and do not own the original work, no merchandise or prints of the image will be available. If you wish to use it for any reason you would need permission from both ReRemus and myself to do so.

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