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Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue Logo

My room mates work with the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue fostering dogs until they find their forever home. I've grown quite fond of helping along the gorgeous dogs who usually come to us full of heart worms and other parasites. They usually require a lot of love and attention. They are truly sweet, if huge, dogs. When my room mate mentioned they were interested in a new logo for the group to use on t-shirts, I said I'd see what I could do based on the elements they wanted. This is what I came up with. All of this was done in Paint Shop Pro. The design was kept simple since they are going to be screen printing and more color/detail costs more.

I figure if the group decides they don't like it, I'll redo the text on it and offer it up for sale in my shops, so the work's not wasted.

Edit: Got word back from the chairman of the board. He LOVES the logo and is going to bring it to the rest of the board members so they can look at it! Woo!

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