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I honestly don't write much these days. At the end of 2012, I took up the project of a Torchwood fan fiction called The Wayfarer. Because of this, I have writing accounts set up here and there. I figure updating here would be silly and just add more work considering I'm already doing so much to post elsewhere. so, if you would like to sample more of my writing, please visit my profiles at any of the following: | |

I will add selections available for purchase as they go live on Amazon.

The Book of Madness for Kindle


This book is a collection of original poetry and artistic imagery. I mostly created this book to poke fun at myself because I consider myself a horrible poet. Still, some people classify my poetic ramblings as "good", so why not? :-)

Cold Blue for Kindle
Short Story

Anthony Pierce always dreamed of the mythical, magical, supernatural beings. He longed to dance with Elves or fly on a Dragon. So, getting a Security position at Algeron Penal Colony where a plethora of said beasties were incarcerated seemed like a dream job. Little did he know, the dream would end up a nightmare.

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